Food & Beverages

The food and beverage industry is heavily regulated as manufacturers of the consumable products in the market. SAGE consultants are deeply versed in the processes, rules and regulations of this industry, well-equipped with the knowledge and experience required to complete Equipment & Facility EngineeringCompliance & Validation, and overall Project Management projects for clients.

SAGE can provide the following services to support your Food and Beverage projects:

  • Facility design, modifications, layout and optimization
  • Process equipment specifications, procurement, commissioning and qualification
  • Process mapping for product, people and processes
  • Storage equipment specifications, regulations and sanitization

Key Projects

Equipment & Facility Engineering


Process/people/product flow mapping of high-volume discrete order packing (kitting) and block layout for relocation to a larger facility


Investigation and compatibility study on suitability of different materials of construction with different surface finishes for use in coolers and fridges with approved cleaning solutions

Compliance & Validation


URS specification, procurement support, FAT, installation, and commissioning of a mogul line and its associated kitchen in addition to field verification and layout proposals

Project Management


Project management and oversight for demolition, structural and construction work required. Sourced potential contractors for the work and coordinated the tender package