Solid Dose

New Wallet Line
Astra Zeneca, Mississauga, ON, Canada

SAGE Engineering was engaged as lead equipment engineers to design a workable room layout for a complex and substantially lengthy multi layered wallet pack format line. The multi-layer meant that machine communication was paramount and that the line had sufficient buffer in the event of downtime.
Using ACAD, SAGE prepared various room and equipment layout options with efficient M&P flows and worked with the client to select the optimal solution ensuring the wallet forming equipment met the requirements of the entire business needs and project schedule and budget.
SAGE was responsible for managing all required room modifications including assessing and redesigning utility distribution. Equipment design and procurement included preparation of detailed specification requirements and vendor management throughout design install and commissioning.
The SAGE team integrated with the client team from design through to installation and qualification and provided support in the following areas:

  • Project Management including scheduling/budget control
  • Business interruption Planning
  • Vendor procurement and management
  • FAT protocol development and execution
  • Integration with other suites including the warehouse
  • Preparation and execution of equipment commissioning and qualification
  • Relocation and re-commissioning of existing equipment
  • Specification for mech and elec sub contractors
  • Management and guidance of sub-contractors

Project Details

Key Features:

Recommissioned usable room with good M&P flow
Custom wallet line equipment installed, tested and validated on time and budget to meet target launch

Project Size:
8,100 sq. ft.

Project Value:
$3.5 Million

Client Reference:
Available Upon Request