Concept to Completion

SAGE is recognized in industry and has been the chosen provider to implement cost effective solutions on a small scale as well as on multi-million dollar projects. We are a team of key providers who can deliver your project from an initial concept through to completion.

We have the ability to smoothly liaise with all stakeholders involved, from senior management to mechanical, electrical, and operations technicians. We have the aptitude to integrate quickly and effectively with a peer group of engineers as required, to establish trusting relationships and to foster a positive work environment.

SAGE consultants have the ability to undertake tasks for process improvement and equipment troubleshooting, effectively engaging multifunctional teams to streamline interactions and yield the most complete solution.

We learn client specific-processes quickly such as change control, project management and systems qualifications, and work with various client stakeholders to completely define or analyze processes and required project deliverables. We provide dependable owner representation to external suppliers, contractors, and other consultants. With a deep understanding of critical issues for GMP operations, process design, regulatory requirements, and material and people flow, we have the skills and expertise necessary for success.